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Isolation And Anti-oxidant Potentials Of Parahydroxybenzaldehyde From The Methanol Leaf Extract Of aspilia Africana (pers.) C.d. Adams (asteraceae)

  (Vol. 6 Number 1) by E. C Johnson*, E. I., Etim And E. O. Archibong  

The leaf of Aspilia africana (Pers) C. D. Adams (Asteraceae) is widely used in ethno medicinal practices in tropical Africa because of its ability to stop bleeding, promote rapid healing of wounds and treat infertility. It has also been used in the management of problems related to cardiovascular diseases, lumbago, venereal diseases inflammations, tumours and parasitic infections. This study was carried out on the leaf methanol extract to determine the phytochemical and anti-oxidant properties. The methanol extract was subjected to preliminary phytochemical screening, which showed the presence of saponins, tannins, flavonoids, carbohydrate and other secondary metabolites. The methanol extract was partitioned with n-hexane, dichloromethane and n-butanol. The bio-assay guided silica gel column chromatographic separation of the butanol fraction furnished pale white crystals (18 mg), mp. 116-118 ᵒC, characterized as parahydroxy benzaldehyde on the basis of spectral analysis (UV, IR, 1H NMR). The anti-oxidant assay using DPPH scavenging method, showed that the isolated compound had higher activity than n-butanol fraction and methanol extract with IC50 values of 73.5 μg/mL, 88.90 μg/mL and 95.50 μg/mL respectively compared to standard drugs (Vitamin C; 37.5 μg/mL and Vitamin E; 48.0 μg/mL).. The n-hexane and dichloromethane fractions did not show any antioxidant activity. This also confirmed the basis for the local use of the plant in treating/managing cardiovascular diseases, wounds, tumors inflammations and parasitic infections
Keywords: Aspilia Africana, Parahydroxybenzaldehyde, Antioxidant activity, DPPH Assay.

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