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Development Of A Validated Ultraviolet Spectrophotometric Technique For The Assay Of Dihydroartemisinin Content Of Dihydroartemisinin-piperaquine Tablet Combination

  (Vol. 9 Number 3) by Adegbolagun, Olayemi Modupe* , Oyewande, Esther Ajoke And Fijabi, Awele Vivian Department Of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Faculty Of Pharmacy, University Of Ibadan, Ibadan.  

A new ultraviolet spectrophotometric method was developed and subsequently validated for the estimation of dihydroartemisinin in dihydroartemisinin-piperaquine phosphate tablet combination. The proposed method is a modification of the official difference ultraviolet spectrophotometric procedure for dihydroartemisinin with determination at 292nm after reaction with 0.05M sodium hydroxide. The method was developed and validated in the presence of piperaquine and two commonly used tablet excipients; starch and talc. The assay was linear at the three concentrations 0.04, 0.08 and 0.12mg/ml selected for the study (r = 0.9984), with good intraday (recovery 93.77–101.33%) and interday accuracy (recovery 94.14–101.0%), precision and no interference from the excipients used. Application of the method to three commercially available tablet dosage forms gave good accuracy (recovery 93.25–103.0%) and precision (RSD < 2%). Similarly, inter-analyst application of the procedure on the same brands of tablets by two analysts on different days gave good reproducibility (p > 0.05). This simple, validated and low cost analytical technique could be used in the assay of dihydroartemisinin content of dihydroartemisinin – piperaquine phosphate tablet formulations.
Key words: Dihydroartemisinin, Ultraviolet spectrophotometric method, Dihydroartemisinin-piperaquine phosphate tablet, Analytical technique

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