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Molecular Basis Of Carbapenem-resistant acinetobacter Baumannii From Southwest, Nigeria

  (Vol. 9 Number 2) by 1*williams E. Ike, 2bolanle A. Adeniyi, 3joseph E. Peters  

Information on the molecular basis of resistance to carbapenem resistant Acinetobacter baumannii (CRAB) in Nigeria is sparse. This study was aimed at charaterising the molecular basis of CRAB isolated from tertiary hospitals in Southwest Nigeria. Identity of clinical isolates was confirmed using Oxoid 12E MicrobactTM Gram-negative identification system, blaOXA-51-like primers, and 16S-rRNA sequencing. Antimicrobial susceptibility was performed by disk diffusion method using 34 antimicrobial agents belonging to 8 classes of antibiotics. Molecular characterization was conducted on 21 isolates with resistance phenotype to imipenem and meropenem. Detection and characterization of carbapenem resistance determinants were achieved by PCR. Reference strains, A. baumannii type strain ATCC 17978 and Acinetobacter baylyi ADP1 were used as controls. All isolates were resistant to ≥14 antimicrobial agents tested, with 95.9% isolates resistant to 20-34 antibiotics. Resistant phenotype of 78.7% and 57.4% were recorded for meropenem and imipenem respectively, with ciprofloxacin (36.1%), amikacin (37.9%) and polymyxin B (39.3%). Oxacillinase gene, blaOXA-51-like was detected in all isolates, and blaOXA-23 carrying ISAba1 element upstream of gene within genomic resistant island (GRI) TnAbaR1 and cephalosporinase gene, blaADC-7 were also detected in (18/21) of the isolates. Carbapenem resistant A. baumannii isolates from Southwest Nigeria encode genes that code for resistance to carbapenem.

Key words: Acinetobacter baumannii, Carbapenem resistance, Oxacillinase genes and Nigeria.

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