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Quantitative And Qualitative Analysis Of Some Brands Of Ciprofloxacin Tablets Sold In Uyo Metropolis, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria

  (Vol. 8 Number 3) by Victor U. Anah1, Aniekan S. Ebong1*, Goodnews E. Charles1, Festus D. Esenam1, Inimfon I. Ukpanah1, Akanimo A. Essien2 And Paschal Chidera Anthony1  

The menace of counterfeit and fake drugs with its negative impact on the health of the people remains a problem in many developing nations including Nigeria. This study was conducted to assess the quality of ciprofloxacin tablets sold in Uyo metropolis, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria. The analysis of fifteen brands of ciprofloxacin tablets was done using the following physical properties namely; the weight uniformity assessment, friability, hardness, disintegration and dissolution tests. Quantitative analysis was done using non-aqueous titration and UV spectrophotometry. All brands complied with the official specification for uniformity of weight (within 5 % limit). One of the brands failed friability test (above 1 % official standard). None of the brands failed disintegration test (within 30 minutes specification). The dissolution rate profile revealed that three of the brands did not comply with official specification (below 80 % at 30 minutes). The non-aqueous titrimetric analysis showed that ten brands complied with official specifications (BP 95 – 105; USP 90 – 110). Five brands did not comply with official specification by having lower strength (below 90 %). These few brands when used in therapy can cause therapeutic failure and hence leading to drug resistance. There is need for regulatory agencies to regularly undertake post marketing surveillance.

Key words: Ciprofloxacin, quantitative analysis, qualitative analysis, titrimetric method, spectrophotometric analysis

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