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Pharmacist’s Knowledge And Practice Of Adverse Effects Of Common Analgesics In Suru-lere, Lagos State, Nigeria

  (Vol. 8 Number 2) by O. A. Olugbake1 O. C. Adeyemi1 O. C. Ogbonna1  

The use of analgesics is a worldwide occurrence for a variety of ailments. They are readily available and relatively safe but sometimes adverse effects occur. Pharmacists dispensing these medicines should know and mention these adverse effects. The aim of study was to assess the pharmacists. knowledge and practice about side effects of commonly recommended analgesics. A cross-sectional survey among community pharmacists was carried out using questionnaires to elicit knowledge of side effects and practice when handling commonly prescribed analgesics in Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria. Pharmacists reported paracetamol, diclofenac and ibuprofen as the most frequently dispensed analgesics but did not sufficiently ask patients about their experience of adverse events or provide counselling consistently. Less than two-thirds of respondents queried patients for disease conditions during dispensing and less than half inquired about other drugs being used by the patient. About a third documented information and medication histories to monitor drug interactions and possible side effects. Barriers to providing adequate information to patients were level of education, and lack of time. Many pharmacists are aware of the potential side effects of analgesics but a number of conditions hinder their communication of these effect to the patients who buy these medications.

Key words: Analgesics, NSAIDs, Pharmacists, adverse effects

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