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Assessment Of Healthcare Facilities Readiness To Offer Diabetic Care In Rural And Urban Areas

  (Vol. 8 Number 2) by Ikponmwosa M. Osarenmwinda1*, Patrick O Erah1, Otenghabun A. Omosigho2, Violet C. Chukukwuo1  

The capacity to offer diabetic care in healthcare facilities will increase the survival rate of diabetic patients and improved quality of life. The study assesses the preparedness of health care facilities both in rural and urban areas to offer diabetic care. The study was a cross-sectional descriptive survey of rural and urban healthcare facilities. Data collection was done using a self-developed check-list from literature review and modified WHO facility indicators list. The proportions of health facilities with laboratory equipment, basic equipment, diabetic medications and trained healthcare professionals on diabetes care were estimated. One health care facility each from rural and urban areas was selected in the study. 50% and 66.7% of the rural and urban health care facilities have the diagnostic capacities for blood glucose. The least available laboratory equipment was Electrocardiogram and Ionograph. Half (50%) and 40% of the laboratory equipment„s in the rural health facility for blood glucose and cholesterol test were functional. Only metformin and glibenclamide among the OHA were available in GH Abudu. Simvastatin was the only lipid regulating agent prescribed and available in rural health facility. Only 35% and 75% of the medications are available in GH Abudu and CH Benin City. The Doctor and the Pharmacists in the rural health facility were not satisfied with the kind of diabetic care being offered. 60% and 65.2% of the doctors and the Pharmacists in the urban health facility were satisfied with the type of diabetic care offered. Half (50%) of the Nurses in GH Abudu were satisfied, while 14.3% were very satisfied with service rendered. The study showed some variances between availability of medications, basic medical equipment and their functionality across the studied healthcare facilities.

KEYWORDS: Diabetes mellitus, access to healthcare, readiness, facility indicator and diabetic care

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