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Physicochemical Characterization Of A Co-processed Excipient (gelactomucin) With Cellactose And Alpha-anhydrous Lactose

  (Vol. 7 Number 1) by *mohammed, Blessing Boma1 And Apeji, Yonni Eshovo2  

Excipients in recent times have been conferred with improved functionalities through chemical, physical modification and co-processing. This study was aimed at preparing Gelactomucin, a co-processed excipient using co-fusion method, and evaluating its physico-chemical properties comparatively with Cellactose – 80 and Alpha-anhydrous lactose. The parameters investigated were swelling capacity, loss on drying, moisture content, bulk and tapped densities, angle of repose and true density. The results obtained for the co-processed excipient were swelling capacity 104 %, loss on drying 1.7% and angle of repose 250. Cellactose-80 recorded 128 %, 1.4 %, 19 O for swelling capacity, loss on drying and angle of repose respectively. The comparison showed that Gelactomucin could compete favourably with the reference excipients.
Keywords: Excipient, Physico-chemical properties, co-processing.

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