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Albizia Zygia (d.c.) Macbr (fabaceae): A Comparative Investigation Of Phytochemical Composition, Proximate Analysis And Anti- Seizure Properties Of Methanol Extracts Of Its Leaves And Stem-bark.

  (Vol. 6 Number 2) by Uwaya J.o, Okunrobo L.o, *igbinaduwa P.o  

Albizia zygia belongs to the legume subfamily Mimosoideae. Albizia lebbecka, a congener of Albizia zygia is reported to possess anti-seizure activity and folk reports of sedation when the leaves of Albizia zygia are consumed. This aim of this study was to compare the phytochemistry, proximate parameters and possible anti-seizure properties of the methanol extracts of the leaves and stem-bark of Albizia zygia. Phytochemical screening and proximate analysis were carried out according to standard methods. Pentylentetrazol (PTZ) and maximum electroshock (MES) test were employed to investigate the anti-seizure properties in mice at 200, 400 and 800 mg/kg doses. Both samples had saponins and flavonoids in common but phenols were only present in the leaves while alkaloids, tannins and proteins were found only in the stem-bark. Anti-seizure activity of the stem-bark was superior to that of the leaves and was significant (p<0.05) in the PTZ test. This study lends support to the ethnomedicinal use of the plant in the management of seizures.
Keywords: Albizia zygia; Methanol extract; Phytochemistry; Anti-seizure

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