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Medication And Substance Use Among Pregnant Women In A Nigerian Nor... By Jamiu Muslim Olakunle1*,...
Material And Tableting Properties Of Theophylline Solid Dispersions By Oluwaseun A. Orugun1, Ad...
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Anti-inflammatory And Anti-nociceptive Effects Of The Methanol Root... By Udoh Ae,1 Udobre As...
Isolation And Anti-oxidant Potentials Of Parahydroxybenzaldehyde Fr... By E. C Johnson*, E. I., Et...
Antibacterial Evaluation Of Nigerian ocimum Sanctum Leaf Ext... By Kome Otokunefor1* And Be...
Chemical Composition And Phytochemical Screening Of Ficus Exasperat... By Nimenibo-uadia, Rachel
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The Nigerian Journal of Pharmaceutical & Applied Science Research

Nigerian Journal of Pharmaceutical and Applied Science Research (NIJOPHASR) is a quarterly publication (March, June, September, and December) and covers all areas of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Chemical and Life Sciences, Medical and Paramedical Sciences.

Publications are drawn from a wide range of subjects in the Pharmaceutical and Science fields and are contributed by leading experts in the respective fields. We however accept articles for publication from recognized personalities and the general public, provided all articles pass through the publication procedure and is properly reviewed by our editorial team.

Publications of the journal can be freely accessed and printed by the global research community.



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